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A Note on the Forum

I thought of calling the forum 'Let Us Now Praise Famous Men,' taken after Agee's and Walker's famous reportage on sharecroppers in Alabama during the Great Depression. Then I thought of calling it 'Life Studies,' and stealing from R. Lowell's collection of poetry that inaugurated the stuff of the so-called Confessional poets. One moniker would not have been readily understood. The other, and through no fault of its own, has accrued intellectual baggage. So Field Notes it is.

Reportage. Life Studies. Field Sketches. Journal Notes and Narratives. From Bagdad to Islamabad to the Australian outbacks to the dirty streets of any city to the roads of some current dharma bum to the mountains to the sea coast to the demilitarized zones under UN control in suburban homes... Life Studies & Field Sketches.

The forum has one rule, what is simply a matter of courtesy. No name identification of any individual living.

The forum looks to engage in a different kind of conversation than what is customary in a workshop setting. Here engagement is based on content, not on textual analysis.


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