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"Seeking to relay the living experience of the human body, embodied writing portrays experience from the point of view of the lived body, Leib rather than Körper in Edmund Husserl’s (1952/1989) sense. The researcher
collects, analyzes, and reports findings fully intending to invite readers to encounter the narrative accounts for
themselves and from within their own bodies through a form of sympathetic resonance. Ultimately, as a research tool its efficacy depends on its capacity to engender a quality of resonance between the written text and the senses of the readers that allows readers to more fully experience the phenomena described. The readers’ perceptual, visceral,
sensori-motor, kinesthetic, and imaginal senses are invited to come alive to the words and images as though the experience were their own, akin to the way we might read fine poetry or prose. Embodied writing tries to let the body speak."
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