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Man in the long black coat

This just might be the coolest of Dylan's songs. It draws on a bit of Appalachian folklore. More than that, and likely Dylan didn't know, it draws on European folklore. In the bad old days of witch persecutions when village women and men were looking to keep the older fertility rites alive, there were few men left. Mostly they had been killed off in the great battles faught between the new religion and the old. At Sabbat time, a time of fertility worship, what few men that were left travelled from coven to coven in order to ensure fertility through the practices of sympathetic magic. Let's call it !@#$ in the field and which was considered serious business if the crops were going to yield. They were the men in black, wearing dark clothing, broad rimmed hats to keep their faces covered, and walking with ash staffs.

But the song brings a second thought to mind. By now two generations have followed mine. My generation cannot be out-gothed no matter the grunge, no matter the rap. We did it first and we did it best.

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