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Interview with Andrew Malan Milward—Editor of Mississippi Review

"You are relatively new as editor to this journal. Can you describe any changes that you foresee to the content or scope of the publication?

Sure, of course, in terms of scope the goal is to reach more readers and that means having to communicate the way so many people do now via social media and increasing our online presence through advertising, something MR had little of when I took over. So we’re working on that. However, the primary goal before anything else is to produce a great magazine twice a year. Content and design come first. MR has always had a unique sense of design and I’m trying to honor that while updating it. Our winter issue (40.3) and summer issue (41.1&2) look like nothing MR has ever done, which is intentional. I’m not interested in the magazine looking like another sober literary journal. I’m interested in making it look interesting to others so they’ll pick it up and read what’s inside, if only because they’re wondering, What the hell is this?
In terms of content, the goal is to publish the best work we can find by new, emerging, and established writers. I plan to keep the twice-a-year publishing format consisting of a contest issue and one issue of solicited material, which has worked so well for us over the years. In the past, some of the solicitation issues were built around a theme (we had an issue about the history of literary magazines that was just expanded into an excellent book called Paper Dreams by Travis Kurowski, one about politics, one dedicated to the prose poem, another to Hamlet, and many, many others), so that’s something I’ll likely try."
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