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comfort and joy

Comfort and Joy
Happy children
snug in our beds.
Visions of mistletoe above dream-filled heads.
Charmed slow motion sled glides hills
green and white.
Great blazing star overrides chill of night.
Smell, virgin snow, spice and roast,
pine laced fire.
Meet make-believe elves to tell
secret desires.
Delegation of peace, these moments
gifted with meaning,
lighthearted believing.
Merry ritual.
Lighting Candles
I wish you peace.
I wish you love.
I wish you freedom to
express your better nature.
I wish you replete in safeness.
I wish you patience.
I wish you restful evenings
and brilliant days.
I wish you dazzling visions.
I wish this maddening world
a gladder disposition.
I wish for amity,
shared exuberant view.
I wish we all get
limitless fulfillment.
I thrice charge these wishes
and gift them to you.
Essence, scent memory.
Cinnamon, baking feast, ambient family.
Wafting incense.
Fragrant air
redolent of antiquity's.
Aged path along magick’s mountain meadow.
Hard, sharp terrain, caves and crevices, mysteries.
Exquisitely strong, enduring. Scarred,
calloused by tenacious stresses, storms, centuries.
Awed skin caresses manifest existence.
Rippling bells, liquid voices pour
replenishing wine of merriment. Listen.
Reverberate back to diluvian tribal pool.
Irresistible drum beats, symphonic rushing rivers.
Rise and quaff libation of choir's caroling.
In ritual, visualize distant dawn.
Hearths of unseen worlds fade before Sol's majesty.
Incandescent homunculus eyes lifting to flame,
krinkling sparks, jovian glow.
Powerful torches burn through dark imagery.
Revel in flavor, delicious piquancy.
Peppery heat, sour sorrows, exotic ebullient stew.
Wisps of buttery fantasy, savory bliss,
divine delicacies,
bittersweet ecstasy.
    Hurrah the Saturnalia!
    Bacchus reigns on high
    And all the world's a feast of fun
    So pass the pipe and pour the rum
    And flash a smile o'er everyone
        A twinkle of the eye.
        Hail the merry Season!
    A boost for love & joy
    When packages that yell "surprise!"
    May dance before excited eyes
    from "Santa Claus" that merry, wise
        & venerable old boy.
        Joy to all ye revelers!
    It's time to join in play
    where roles are dropped and laughter raised
    We're all buffoons, so clowns be praised
    It's time to shout out loud, ablaze
        "Enjoy the best of days!"
    A very merry holiday
        to each and all I say!
Holiday Giving
Recursive love.
Deep healing warmth.
Safe harbor home.
Benevolence assured.
Emboldened Hope.
Affirming Joy.
Abiding Peace.
Hugging’s good.
Laughs are fun.
Expanding love with every one --
Gifting Peace
Gifting Hope
Gifting Joy!
Merry Christmas.
Happy Solstice.
Every claim for light and play.
Every spritely holiday.
Opening to heart.
Cherishing each part
of the living
of the giving.
Voices lilt in melody,
share in song I give to you:
Live in joy Live in peace Live in love
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Re: comfort and joy

Beautiful, Libra. I especially liked "Lighting

Have a beautiful Christmas and THANK YOU for your contribution to the board!

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