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Poetry Repairs call (from my inbox)

Attention! AUG 2015 to Dec 2016
Are you a Poet? Do you Lead a Group of Poets? A Scholar, a Critic, a Reader of poetry? seeks 12, 24, or 36 poems from your group.
Groups may be classroom, prison, inner city, online groups, and circles of friends.
To appear in regular issues of poetryrepairs – contemporary international poetry beginning
 in August 2015, the series running as long as we have your “Guest edited” groups to showcase.

We are also open to individual submissions of 3 to 6 poems.
Simple guidelines: all poems must demonstrate familiarity with poetic devices beyond end rhyme
and meter. Formal poetry, if exceptional, is considered. Groups of 12 or more poems may be themed.

1. "username" or "ID" is unacceptable; please use your legal name.
2. Send with attachment in .doc format to
3. Subject line: Selected poems (of/by/from _____________________). Edited by
4. POETRYREPAIRS does not publish politics nor other forms of pornography including
5. Avoid Senseless violence, meaningless sex and/or vulgarity, and oddly shaped poems.
6. Let your cover letter introduce the poems you send, the purpose of your group—
In general, whatever the reader should know of your endeavors/poets.

direct queries

Poetryrepairs is for all things poetry and related to poetry: reviews, chapbooks, ebooks, features, prose and art!
Join us for our celebration of 20 years of poetry and poets online at for contemporary international poetry!
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