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Submit to BANG! Poetry Anthology
Last Call Submit to BANG! Poetry Anthology
Christopher J. Jarmick

BANG! is the new E-book anthology from World Enough Writers to be published in Summer, 2016; print edition to be determined..(TBD).

Poems and Artwork (b&w photos, drawings or cartoons) are needed for a new E-book (and later print edition) anthology of poems about school shootings, public shootings, guns, gun control, media coverage of tragic shootings, the NRA and the second amendment. It's easy and FREE to submit.

We particularly encourage submissions from students, younger writers (and artists) and teachers since they experience the very real threat of increasing school attacks on a daily basis. The E-book and print edition will be published by World Enough Writers (the anthology division of Concrete Wolf). The project editor is Christopher J. Jarmick. (Managing Editor: Lana Hechtman Ayers)

 Submissions are Open – Now through March 31, 2016.

NO FEE to submit!

For complete submission guidelines and rules go to:



BANG SUBMISSION Details PAGE / ( or Google PoetryIsEverything for my blog… look in the upper right for Pages and click on the Bang Submission Page).
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