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in transition

Deep in sunless woods, tree roots and leaves overgrown intertangle
Damp, swift silent stream’s run, continuous lubricant
Creepers crawl, curious rodents sniff for predatory hide, toothsome prize,
oracular signs
Wanton child, wandering far from home; kinless kitten alone --
drawn in by stuttered incantations of smoke and mist (she won’t be missed)
Daring darling of effervescent fae, spritely imp skips to play her tune;
her mischievous pipes guide, glide, entice gay abandon, theatric swoon
Summer’s bliss Mythfolk holiday, untimed, no line to cross, no whine of loss
Dance, scream, flail and toss, feel the forest grow inside, assimilate
Nature’s wisdom unlike tales of man derides morality, mortal hate
Sheltered in endless adaptation, sensory dilation, slipping from human
skin to untamed consciousness

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