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A granfalloon is "a false karass, [...] a seeming team that [is] meaningless in terms of the ways God gets things done." Examples of granfalloons are "the Communist party, the Daughters of the American Revolution, the General Electric Company, the International Order of Odd Fellows -- and any nation, anytime, anywhere." [ 42 ]
Naturally, we seek our tribes
People who get us
Those we feel comfortably at home among
In this mobile time, tribes no longer defined
by place, ancestry, designated race, shape or size
more self-assembled based on
shared lies we agree to,
share as our credo.
Entranced with power ideologies,
sad sects, splinters from the Mother tribe,
shun kin traditions
Simple stories
Me, You, We, Family
(words like hate and glory come later
-- but why?)
Is humanity evolving? dying?
Nation-states, regimes, wars of opportunity
Genocide (not just cruelty – more for me
when less of you)
Denoted You – someone not us
But so many ways to do that:
How many need be deleted for Our happiness?
Where make that cut?

here in our haven
looking out to the chaos beyond our door
mean foreign eyes, so we surmise, ready to
pounce, destroy what we have saved for, worked for,
yearned for, made monstrous sacrifice to defend
they can't understand what it's like, just want to steal
our lives are not real
to them

It’s not tribal – it’s brainwashed in propaganda from
elites with an agenda to control.
Real tribes arise naturally
constellations of family, close community based on
familiarity, commonalities called roles, relationships,
dance rhythms of daily life.

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