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The Nine New Love Steps

The Nine New Love Steps
(A natural history)


If I tell you I am loving you
please understand
how I’d rather not say it
just to sew a seam.
That it is a motion I mean,
a wave I feel,
a swell in the sea.


I’d rather not know
anymore sorrow.


Golden eyes in the water
or whistling on the wing,
winter wren coming nearer
and soft skinned snow berries
growing out of twinning leaves.
And then the inside thing,
the down reach, the really close rain,
in down going and softly
nature’s warm daughter,
in down going and softly
when it seemed so far away, you see.


It’s a quiet votive,
the feeling for
your candle light certainty
that leads me to where
I no longer stand
like a stranger anymore.


Touching down beside
the real life dream
and pulling into
the sweet sense of you.


I wanted to tell her
how she felt so
familiar last night.
But she said it instead
when she said -
Funny how my body
knew you.


She’s giving me
the kind of love
I can understand.


The tender quill,
the fluttering,
the heart spell,
the shuddering
of chestnut chickadee,
ruby drop kinglet
and thin lipped wrentits
holding over
in weightless wonder
of the rising tidal time,
what couples the quiet rhyme.


Wondering when
I’ll see her again,
or if she’ll be of the same
Her same small sigh,
the same surprise
of her shoulders giving in.
Her same lips pouty, parted
and then her softening
the pleasure bend.


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