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100 THOUSAND POETS FOR CHANGE: 10 years of evolution

100 THOUSAND POETS FOR CHANGE: 10 years of evolution
VOL 1: The Memoir

In the 10th year anniversary of the movement, we are excited to invite all past and present 100TPC organizers and/or participants, to submit a 3 page essay to be considered for inclusion in the book 100 THOUSAND POETS FOR CHANGE: 10 years of evolution (2011-2020) , which will be published in a date to be announced.

This book will tell the story of 100TPC from the perspective of the poets who have been a part of creating and sustaining it. Through our personal essays, the reader will learn not only about the individual stories of the hundreds of poets-organizers from all corners, reflecting on the social and cultural effects of such poetic actions, but it will also offer an enriched summary and an organized way to learn about this grassroots movement and its impact on the history of poetry. It can also be thought of as a guidebook and manual, for future generations interested in the strategy of activists engaged in manifesting positive change–peace, justice and sustainability.


You can submit a maximum of two essays, only one (1) per theme. Be sure to send each essay in a separate email (see details below).

1. FOUNDATIONAL EXPERIENCES: First experiences as organizer/ poet/ artist/ audience with 100 Thousand Poets for Change .

2. LOCAL EXPERIENCES: Experiences seen as a whole, after these 10 years. Reflect on your achievements, or whatever you have witnessed, good and bad. You can choose to write about success or disappointments, benefits and limitations, even if you were not an organizer/participant consistently for the past ten years.

3. IMPRESSIONS: Reflections and stories on the philosophy, ideas and spirit propelling the movement. How has this movement informed your poetics?

4. SALERNO: If you participated in the 2015 Salerno conference, you can choose to write about it, as a whole experience, and/or highlighting a specific story or aspects of the conference.

5. READ A POEM TO A CHILD: If you have been part of the Read a Poem to a Child initiative, you can also choose to write about that.

Submission deadline: December 1, 2020

Format guidelines: Word document, Times New Roman, Font 12, Double Spaced.

Maximum 750 words.

Language: If you are not an English speaking writer, please send your text in its original language along with the best possible English translation (3 pages max, each). At this
point, the project will only include the English version, but we’re studying alternatives to the issue of language, and world accessibility.

Bio & Photos: Please send a 50 word Bio as a Word doc. attachment.

Also, and this is optional, you can attach 3-5 good quality images (jpg) related to your essay, and/or the events you organized in your community. Include photo caption and credits. Do not send bio photos. We want exceptional images which offer a glimpse of either of the themes or aspects we’ve mentioned above, the collective drive, the audience reaction.

Please send your submissions and/or any questions to:

In the Email’s Subject Matter please write your essay’s theme.

We know this will be a great book. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sincere best,

Michael Rothenberg
Terri Carrion
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