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Happy Solstice

Luminous Awakening
New days, new dawns, new destinations;
open, endless, unforeseen* * *
surging Wonder navigates celestial array,
merrily rips through veils
as each, cast away, reveals greater lumination.
Each new day we relive the old, acting out dramas unresolved.
All we need do is breathe to play to dance into our unbound creation.
Dawn imbues inspiration,
bounteous gifts free of obligation,
energy gleefully received.
Before the dawn
take peace into each breath, each incantation
from the strength to align impeccably
with who we best might be.
Words of Peace
speak beyond mundane language
sharing profound
graceful dancing
to rising
carried forth through song.
Lightning aurora bursts
expose prospective trails.
Hope emanates, flows into form.
        We charge fiercely into each new
Initiate, ignite, rejoice.
Enchanting pipes
of Pan, dawn's magic, drawn on
painted sky.
What was lost may be re-crafted,
re-tuned to future minds.
Onward humans seen in flashes,
hale and strong, brave and true.
Joined in conjure,
raise our glasses.
Do as we must do.
We are calling in the dawn.
Calling, gently, our many voices.
How do we call thee, oh joyfully smiling mother?
Welcome arising in our hearts,
anoints our many-colored soul.
Take in the day.
Join in dance in the sunshine.
We are alove and strong
in primeval paradise.
Upon a windswept beach,
our eyes, our arms
raised in blessing.
Totality is ours.
Imagine the day that dawns when
you are no longer dreaming.
The new day dawning
will encounter clouds and hailstorms,
turbulence and destruction.
It will be a day of startling showers and
unsettled wind,
of unreasoned pain
and empty solace.
It will be a day to try already devastated souls.
But it will be a day of infinite possibilities.
A new day dawning, look up everyone.
Breathe, energized in
early dawn awakening
to a season of wild abandon
a golden moment of sensation
In a flash --
Alive to a new imagining
This is the first measure of the first movement,
a pirouette, a dervishly delightfilled whirl.
Cast upon this rocky estuary, dance inner wise,
third eye calling dawn into destiny.
What world is this
in swaddling clothes
at the break of dawn?
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Re: Happy Solstice

Yes to this.

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