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Eugene Delacroix

If I was asked who is my all time favorite painter, hands down it would be Delacroix. I was about 21 when I read an art history book by Kenneth Clark. Clark called Delacroix the most intelligent European of the 19th C. So naturally I sought him out. In addition to finding art books of his paintings I also read a journal, a thick journal, Delacroix kept for a couple of decades or so. I got what Clark meant. It wasn't only his prodigious power for observation. It was his keen attention to detail and his way of interpreting what he saw. He was a visual thinker.

Story has it that he was the illegitimate son of the diplomat and international power broker Tallyrand. For some reason, at least, Talleyrand protected Delacroix all of his life. And they say the two physically resembled each other. Also, at age 34 he travelled to North Africa, which trip gounded him for the rest of his career. Delacroix&s_it=rboxImgDtls&icid=snap-pic&flv=1

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