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Art of Conversation (Protocol & TOS) (DATAHIT) has its Terms of Service. I prefer to think of them as terms of engagement. By becoming a member of a board at individuals agree to the terms. I want to point to 4 of the articles specifically: article 4 (content), 7 (redistribution), 8 (advertisements/ affiliates/ third parties), 10(licenses).

These are Runboard's basic terms. As site owner of Delectable Mnts I add that no hate speech is acceptable, be it in nature religious, homophobic, racial, or misogynistic. Nor are threats of violence, personal attacks, and slander.
I have brought attention to several of the articles because of their particular relevance to a Salon like board. The terms are basic, written plainly, leaving little to no room for subjective interpretation. Additionally, however, there is the matter of Delectable Mnts' management style. This is what I want to touch on now in tandem.

~Third party poems, prose and illustrations of living authors and artists cannot be posted, copied, or carried in full on the board. Small portions, given by way of introduction, can be posted. Links to such material, and from already established venues authorized by the creator, are permissible. (Jan '09 - subject to revision.)

~Generally threads have a shelf life of two months. After which time judicious pruning occurs. The purpose is to forestall clutter, freeing up space Runboard allots us. The criteria applied is this: threads not generating conversation and viewing get pruned. Threads looking to address a passing circumstance or a time-stamped announcement of events have a shelf life of one month. The same criteria applies: threads not generating conversation and viewing get pruned. Additionally, irrespective of the time frame, starting posts edited by their authors excising a complete text get removed. As can threads following on a starting post whose content its originator has edited out. Excepted from getting culled are poems, creative prose, original translations, critical essays, original art, and material workshopped in the forum, Ateliers. If, however, original works starting a thread are removed by the author, or requested to be removed, the whole of the thread gets deleted. (Feb. '10)The starting threads posted by members who have been denied access to the board for violating TOS also get removed. (Aug. '11)

~The board's last fora serves to protect the board from nastiness. The Bad News Box, locked and hidden, is an archive of posts violating TOS. By definition such posts include pornography, hate speech, threats of violence, suicide notes, and personally identifying information of another member given without permission and that could compromise a member. The forum's purpose is to serve as a record intended for Runboard's review.

Violations of TOS can result in the denial of member access to the board. Pornography, hate speech, threats of violence, announcements of suicide, the stalking of members, personally identifying information of other members given without their permission: all such circumstances violate the board's TOS.

~Delectable Mnts does have one particular by-law. Neither board members or the board itself suffer cyber-stalking.


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