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Mother and Child Meditation
Think back to the bond between Mother and Child
Do you imagine it broken by
internal jealousies, shyness against intimacy,
cringing before angry gods of social culture,
dying of a thousand casual wounds volleys
of will and grievance cast into fragile frays?
Or do you see a pageantry of unfailing matriarchs,
strong sons and daughters in gay attendance,
flowers growing from every slip of finery into
fecund mud?
Mothers of our species tend to be
adaptable to changing challenge of balance,
trying out touted trends, begging for guidance
when their own upbringing doesn't fit today's
terror and tantalization. Always someone must
be blamed; sentiments must be appeased.
Where is the ease, the joy, the sharing up and down
of familial care and comfort? Where is that not
A child is a gift to the future; a mother is a gift
of long heritage, nature and nurture. Each is also
all imaginable possibilities. Each is a present day.
May 11, 2012

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Re: commemoration

Lovely, libra, thank you. With each passing year I grow to appreciate both my mother and grandmother more and more for the gift of my life and for the struggles they've endured and outlived. God/dess willing my grandmother will be 101 in June and my mother will be 77 at the end of this month. A friend who is like a second mother to me will be 94 in August. Pretty amazing, all things considered.
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