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1883 Volcanic explosion on the island of Krakatoa

An event new to me. Some may be interested in the narrative. Something like 36,000 people died, in large measure because of the resulting tsunamies. Situated in the Sumatra island group, then Dutch East Indies, waves reached as far as the east African coast. Atmospheric effects felt globally. But my reason for posting a link to the story is less a matter historical curiousity, more in the way of providing a primer for what is in store as a result of climate change. Whole regions will be incapacitated, and that may be too small a geographical measure.

Again I am reminded of something the poet, Robert Graves, said in his study of "The White Goddess", and in the conext of her return.

"But the longer her hour is postponed, and therefore more exhausted by man's irreligious improvidence the natural resources of the soil and sea become, the less merciful will her five-fold mask be, and the narrower the scope of action that she grants to whichever demi-god she chooses to take as her temporary consort in godhead. Let us placate her in advance by assuming the cannibalistic worst..." To be clear his book was penned in the 1940s, in part during WW2.
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