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Gaia's Gown

A note of explanation about the forum.

'Gaia's Gown' reflects a certain bias on the part of the site owner. "Greek name for Mother Earth, the 'Deep-breasted One,' called Oldest of the Divinities. Though the Olympian gods under Zeus took over her shrine, yet they swore their binding oaths by her name because they were subject to her law." Barbara G. Walker. While Gaea, or Gaia, is not the earliest name for mother earth, the Egyptian Maat came much earlier, the name has currency because of James Lovelock's Gaia hypothesis of the seventies in which he theorized about the earth's biosphere, accounting for a single living composite.

The forum is meant as a venue for poetry, narrative, conservationist thinking, alerts, natural history, success stories, conversation and debate concerning Gaia's gown.

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